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Importing a removal list with Import Wizard

  1. Let's start with a project file which contains some contacts information.
    Please note that there are duplicate entries of Customer 4:
  2. Enter the to-be-removed numbers line by line in a text editor. Then save it to a file:
  3. Start Import Wizard at File->Import Contact...,
    Enter the removal list file name and check "Remove from the Contacts":
  4. Press Next in Step 2:
  5. Press Next in Step 3:
  6. Click Import to begin:
  7. It's done. Five contacts have been removed:
  8. Please note that all duplicate entries of Customer 4 have been removed:
  9. The phone numbers in the removal list can begin with or without a country code.
    To do this, SMSCaster E-Marketer uses the Country Code setting at Tool->Options->General Tab:

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Disclaimer: SMSCaster E-Marketer is bulk SMS sending software used to send SMS from PC to a very focused group of customers. It should not be used for SMS spam, SMS spamming, mobile spam, cell spam, unsolicited SMS or bulk SMS broadcasting for spam.