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Connecting a Motorola V3X

  1. Make sure you have installed "Motorola USB Driver" from Motorola:
  2. Make sure at the phone's Settings->Connection->USB Settings->Default Connection, it is set to "Data connection".
    Connect it to the computer with a USB data cable. It takes a while for Windows to recognize your phone:
  3. When finished, a new "Motorola USB Modem" device is installed into your computer:
  4. Run SMSCaster E-Marketer, press Yes if you see the "Auto Detect" dialog.
    Otherwise, go to the "Phone Information" and press the "Update All" button:
  5. It searches all COM ports and tell you if any mobile phone is found:
  6. Your V3X is now ready to use:

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Disclaimer: SMSCaster E-Marketer is bulk SMS sending software used to send SMS from PC to a very focused group of customers. It should not be used for SMS spam, SMS spamming, mobile spam, cell spam, unsolicited SMS or bulk SMS broadcasting for spam.